Activities and Events

  Street play:-Local issues are taken up to bring awareness amongst the masses.
  Book Launches: Latest books, books of new authors get a stage and a chance to captivate audience and viewers for future.
  Tell a story program- This is an apt platform for story tellers to unfold their magic and mesmerize the audience.
  Meet a poet program- Famous and upcoming poets are invited to interact with the visitors. A Kavi Sammelan or poets gathering is organised.
  Folk song competition: Music has no boundary. Folk song competition reinstates the rich Indian culture. Fresh life is infused into the long forgotten songs and artists.
  Blood donation camps- "save and change someone's life". Misconceptions about donating blood are dealt by experts and blood donation camps are held.
  Swar vistar- Seven notes of the classical music can create magic and lift spirits. With the increasing inflence of western music, it is always refreshing to return to our own roots. This competition helps the youngsters to get an insight into Indian traditions.
  Jan Samvad- “The Public Commune” – An interactive session where topics ranging from mundane house hold issues to political problems are dealt.
  Lakshya: Effective and practical career counseling sessions are held.
  Awards for Journalism: Journalism can never be silent; that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. Therefore it must claim its reward and savour the taste of triumph.
  Awards for Literature and Culture: Awards for literature and culture which over the years have become very coveted are given to artists, journalists, writers, theatre personalities.